Making Facebook Work For Me

Back in the first part of May, I made the conscious decision to stop posting most of my life on Facebook.  Checking in had lost its appeal to me (if there was even any appeal at all).  Posting my opinions seemed less rewarding.  Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that there was no point to the madness.  So, if you’re a friend of mine on the Facebook, my timeline is pretty much just news posts of relevant news information I feel like sharing for the “good of the world.”  Not that many people feel the same or even read the stuff I repost or post; but it makes me feel a little better.

The difference from me and the Millennial Generation when it comes to social media is the fact that I do not care about “Likes.”  And if you know me well enough in person, you know I really do not give a shit about what people think of me, good or bad.  Granted, I do have feelings and feel bad and/or guilty at times when I have offended someone personally (when I was drinking or what have you), but ultimately I am a Taurus and I feel what I say pretty much goes.

But there are some people (who are Generation X or even Baby Boomers) who feel the need to get “Liked.”  I think it comes with trying to “fit in” with the younger generation.  Who would have thunk it possible that someone who used to use a REAL typewriter would be able to “Check-in” and/or type something on a touch screen?  They do it though; almost too much.  (And no mommy, I’m not talking about you.  Although I’m proud of you for figuring out how to “Check-in.”  By the way, I hope you and Jeff enjoyed Sedona the other day.)

So how am I making Facebook work for me?

I can only speculate that a handful of people actually use “Lists.”  What is a List?  You can group people together in special Lists (i.e. Close Friends, Family, etc.).  This is very helpful when you only want limit your posts and information you share to select groups or people.  I know most of you probably don’t know anything about Lists, because I constantly see stuff I’d rather not be seeing.  However, if you want to create a List, then all you have to do is click on Friends on the left hand side (there are probably some default Lists already, such as “Acquaintances”) which will take you to another page and up top is a button to Create List.  Easy breezy.  Then add people in a list.  Now you can specially “target” people you want to share with without other people seeing what you post.

Now I do not expect many people to do this, because one, it would take a whole 5 minutes to do and I’m sure that may interfere with your game of Candy Crush.  However, there is something that I have recently done that makes Facebook more enjoyable.  When I mean, “more enjoyable,” I mean I don’t have to see a lot of people’s posts that make me want to cut my eyeballs out.  And forgive me, as I am sure over the past 6 years or so that I’ve used Facebook, I’ve probably posted some pointless SHIT.  In fact, I know I have.  Sorry about it.

A couple paragraphs back I mentioned “Acquaintances.”  It’s a default list that Facebook has created for all of us.  What is it good for?  In my opinion, it’s for EVERYONE WHO YOU DON’T WANT TO DELETE BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR “FRIEND” BUT YOU DON’T REALLY CARE TO SEE WHAT THEY POST.  Let’s put it this way: I have 275 people in this list out of my 357 “Friends.”  Love you, but not really that much to see what you post every single day, five times a day, 365 days out of the year.  Because I have dedicated a high amount of people in this list, Facebook will not show any of the posts from the people in that List in my default News Feed.  I only see who I want to see and what I want to see, thanks to this Acquaintance List.  Brilliant.  Now my News Feed is truly a News Feed.  A lot of the pages I follow post stuff that I am really interested in like: the economy, the world, the environment and baseball.  Of course, there are the handful of “friends” that I like to follow as well for one reason or another that are not part of the Acquaintance List.  And if I want to see what’s going on with everyone else, I just click on “Acquaintances” and all the posts from those people show up right there.

Facebook now works for ME.  As much as I love seeing your opinions, posts, drama, drunk pictures, shirtless pictures, vacation pictures, reposts of reposts, what you are listening to, what you did today, what you did yesterday, what you are going to do this weekend, what you are drinking, what you are eating, who you saw, who you are seeing, who you want to see, who you are dating, who you broke up with, who you are engaged to, who you are married to, which sports team you follow, what sports team you root for, how sad you get when someone famous you never even knew dies, what you think about politically, etc., etc., etc…..IT’S JUST TOO MUCH FOR ME!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all of this social media is just a bunch of one’s and zero’s formatted in graphical user interface.  Is it THAT important to us to know what is going on with everyone’s life in real time?  Life sure went on before all this social networking came about; in fact, people used to SOCIALIZE before all this shit came about.  Think about what you are posting.  Do you really need to share THAT much of your life?  Is it about being “Liked?”  As a former mass poster of information on Facebook, I can only speak for myself when I say the majority of what I USED to post was primarily for entertainment purposes.  Those who know me well enough know I love to entertain.  However, lez be honest…was it THAT important?




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